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A Guide to Orthodox Life
Some Beliefs, Customs, and Traditions of the Church

by Protopresbyter David Cownie and Presbytera Juliana Cownie

ISBN 978–0–911165–22–7
124 pp.

A popular, lucid, and utterly practical introduction to the Orthodox way of life, this guide covers the whole spectrum of daily living according to the Holy Tradition of Orthodoxy. This is essential reading for all Orthodox, but especially for prospective or recent converts. It supplies detailed information, unavailable for the most part anywhere else in English, on Orthodox piety, fasting, maintaining a regular cycle of prayer in the home, family life, management of money, Church etiquette, preparation for the Mysteries, and proper behavior towards clergy and when visiting monasteries.

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About the Authors
The Very Reverend David Cownie, pastor of the Church of Sts. Cyprian and Justina in Etna, CA, is a graduate of San Diego Mesa College and holds the Diploma and Licentiate in Orthodox Theological Studies from the C.T.O.S.

Presbytera Juliana Cownie studied at San Diego City College and completed the Diploma in Orthodox Theological Studies at the C.T.O.S.