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Spiritual Life
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A Guide to Orthodox Life
Some Beliefs, Customs, and Traditions of the Church

Delight in the Law of God
Sermons on the Beatitudes and the Commandments of God

Quickened with Christ
Sermons on the Sunday Epistle Readings of the Orthodox Liturgical Year

Fasting in the Orthodox Church
Its Theological, Pastoral, and Social Implications

Do You Have a Ticket?

Orthodox Insights
Volume I: A Collection of Short Questions and Answers on Liturgical Practice and Orthodox Worship

Orthodox Insights
Volume II: A Collection of Short Questions and Answers on Orthodox Theological Pastoral, and Ecclesiastical Concerns

Paths and Means to Holiness

The Counsels of a Contemporary Amma
What Matushka Seraphima Taught Us

Young Children in the Orthodox Church
Some Basic Guidelines

Miss Emily’s Fire
The Orthodox Elements in Emily Dickinson’s Spirituality and Mysticism

Spiritual Life

Fasting and Science

The Concealment of Sins During Confession is a Deadly Sin
A Most Instructive Miracle of the All-Holy Mother of God

Spiritual Beauty

Four Festal Icons
The Theological Meaning of the Icons of the Annunciation, the Nativity of Christ, Theophany, and the Transfiguration

Hunger for Holiness

The Amazing Resurrection from Death of a Former Drug Addict

Pitirim Sorokin
Prophet of Spiritual Renewal

Seek Ye First the Kingdom
Sermons on the Sunday Gospel Readings of the Orthodox Liturgical Year and Five Festal Sermons