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The Concealment of Sins During Confession is a Deadly Sin
A Most Instructive Miracle of the All-Holy Mother of God

by Metropolitan Cyprian
Translated by Sister Justina [Mother Ioanna]

7 pp.

In this contrition-evoking account of a painful but ultimately saving confession of a sin that had remained buried in the conscience of a pious Abbess for many years, Metropolitan Cyprian, an experienced spiritual Father, shows why it is vital for us to confess all of our sins honestly and promptly and to avoid giving in to a false sense of shame.

About the Author
The Most Reverend Cyprian, Dr. Theol. (honoris causa), is Metropolitan of Oropos and Fili and President of the Holy Synod in Resistance, Orthodox Church of Greece. He is a spiritual son of the renowned Elder, Archimandrite Philotheos (Zervakos).