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Saint Seraphim of Sofia and the Moscow Patriarchate

by Reader Konstantin Todorov

ISBN 978-1-938943-06-5
76 pp.

Saint Seraphim has been portrayed by some as sympathetic to Sergianism and the position of the Stalin-sponsored Moscow Patriarchate. In this work, Konstantin Todorov astutely refutes these ideas, arguing that the Saint was uncompromising in his traditionalist Orthodox confession and anti-Soviet convictions. He perpicuously demonstrates that the holy man’s choices in the last few years of his life, viewed by some as compromises, were in fact the result of his isolation in Communist Bulgaria, his difficulty in communicating with the Church at large, and disinformation disseminated by the Soviets. He was above all, the author concludes, consistently and unwaveringly motivated in is decisions and actions by a desire to preserve the integrity of the Orthodox Faith and to protect and assure the spiritual growth of his flock.

About the Author
Reader Konstantin Todorov, a native of Bulgaria, is a graduate in philosophy of the University of Sofia, where he also pursued his graduate studies. Having served as a Member of the Bulgarian Parliament and as Political Advisor to the President of Bulgaria, he withdrew, in 2002, from his political activities and has since served as Secretary to His Eminence, Metropolitan Photiy of Triaditsa. He was tonsured a Reader in 2011 by Metropolitan Photiy.