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Historical Studies
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The Œcumenical Patriarchate and the Question of Greek-Turkish Relations Through the Centuries

Orthodox and Roman Catholic Relations from the Fourth Crusade to the Hesychastic Controversy

Dionysius of Fourna
Artistic Identity Through Visual Rhetoric

The Paschal Fire in Jerusalem
A Study of the Rite of the Holy Fire in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

The Egyptian Desert in the Irish Bogs
The Byzantine Character of Early Celtic Monasticism

Beyond Wealth
Orthodoxy, Capitalism, and the Gospel of Wealth

The Roman West and the Byzantine East

Inner-Worldly Monasticism
Towards a Model of Rabbinic–Halakhic Spirituality

Constantine the Ethnomartyr
Last Emperor of Byzantium

Patriarch Gregory V the Ethnomartyr

Ἀλήθεια Ἑλληνική
The Authority of the Greek Old Testament

Father General Thyrsus González de Santalla, S.J.
Theologian, Philosopher, and Superior General of the Society of Jesus

Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo
Spanish Basque Genius, Educator, Writer, and Philosopher

The Shroud of Turin
An Eastern Orthodox Perspective

A Brief History of the Russian Orthodox Church

Concerning the Relics of Saint Nicholas, Archbishop of Myra

The Œcumenical Synods of the Orthodox Church
A Concise History

Romanian Nationalism During the Reign of King Mihai I

“Signs of Human Feeling and Attitude”
The American Legation and American Jews in Romania in 1941