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The Road to Apostasy
Significant Essays on Ecumenism

by Bishop Photii of Triaditza
Preface by Hierodeacon [Hieromonk] Gregory

41 pp.

This is a series of three essays first published in French, Russian, and Bulgarian. The first essay is a response to the Joint Communiqué signed in 1992 by the so-called “official” Orthodox Churches. The second essay is a critical analysis of the “Pan-Orthodox Congress” of 1923, which introduced the divisive innovation of the New Calendar into the Orthodox Church. And the third essay presents the Church Calendar as an indispensable element of Holy Tradition.

About the Author
His Eminence, Bishop Photii, is First Hierarch of the True (Old Calendar) Orthodox Church of Bulgaria. He received his education in Classics and theology at the University of Sofia, where he was an assistant professor, prior to entering the monastic life.
About the Prefacer
Hieromonk Gregory, a brother of the St. Gregory Palamas Monastery in Etna, CA, graduated from Long Beach City College and holds the Diploma in Orthodox Theological Studies from the C.T.O.S., where he is currently a Research Associate.