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Father Georges Florovsky on Ecumenism

by Constantine Cavarnos

15 pp.

Father Florovsky’s rôle in the ecumenical movement has been seriously misunderstood and deliberately distorted by Orthodox theologians seeking to justify contemporary ecumenical excesses. Dr. Cavarnos offers a sober and balanced analysis of Father Florovsky’s writings on ecumenism, from which it is abundantly clear that he never wavered from his firm belief in the primacy of the Orthodox Church.

About the Author
Professor Constantine Cavarnos, a distinguished contemporary philosopher, Byzantinist, and Orthodox thinker, received his doctorate in philosophy at Harvard University. He holds the Licentiate in Orthodox Theological Studies honoris causa from the C.T.O.S.
A Note on Protopresbyter Georges Vasilievich Florovsky
The Very Reverend Dr. Georges Florovsky served in professorial posts at the University of Odessa, the University of Prague, St. Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute, St. Vladimir’s Theological School, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, Columbia University, Union Theological Seminary, Harvard University, where he held the chair in Eastern Church History from 1956 until 1964, and Princeton University. He was the recipient of numerous honorary degrees and was a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.