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Contributions to a Theology of Anti-Ecumenism

“The aim of this series is to show, by God’s Grace and in a sober and responsible manner, that the Hesychastic and Eucharistic presuppositions underlying our critical Orthodox stand before the ecumenical movement make it most profoundly clear that ecumenism constitutes a wholly new “ecclesiological position” and that, since 1920, we face an “ecclesiology of innovation” that has prompted a radical change in the theological outlook and consciousness of Orthodox ecumenists, as regards their acceptance of non-Orthodox [Christian] communions (as well as those of other religions).” —From “The Goal of This Series” 

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Number II: Orthodoxy and the Ecumenical Movement

Number III: Ecumenism: A Movement for Union or a Syncretistic Heresy?

Number IV: The Heresy of Ecumenism and the Patristic Stand of the Orthodox

Number V: The Contribution of the Orthodox Ecumenists to the Interfaith Venture and Their Responsibility for It

Number VI: The Dramatic Crisis in the Ecumenical Movement and the Awakening of Orthodox Anti-Ecumenism