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Contemporary Issues
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Two Modern Greek Titans of Mind and Spirit
The Private Correspondence of Constantine Cavarnos and Photios Kontoglou (1952–1965)

The Dog Delusion and Other Essays
Confronting Science and Contemporary Scholarship in a Traditionalist Context

The Orthodox Christian and the Boundaries of Contemporary Medical Technology

Christian Education
A Response to the Crisis in Public Schools

Fasting and Science

Science and Orthodox Christianity
Two Orthodox Psychologists Offer Their Views

Biological Evolutionism

Smoking and the Orthodox Christian

The Amazing Resurrection from Death of a Former Drug Addict

Sacred Space

Orthodox Insights
Volume I: A Collection of Short Questions and Answers on Liturgical Practice and Orthodox Worship

Orthodox Insights
Volume II: A Collection of Short Questions and Answers on Orthodox Theological Pastoral, and Ecclesiastical Concerns

A Greek Orthodox Nun in Buckingham Palace
Mother Superior Alice-Elizabeth, Princess of Battenberg and Mother-in-Law of Queen Elizabeth II