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C.T.O.S. Board


The Right Rev. Dr. Auxentios,
B.A., Princeton University
Lic. Theol., CTOS
Th.D., Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley
Titular Bishop of Photiki

Associate Director

The Very Rev. Dr. Akakios
B.A., California State University
Lic. Theol., CTOS
D.Min., San Francisco Theological Seminary
Abbot, St. Gregory Palamas Monastery

Academic Director

Hieromonk Dr. Patapios
B.A. (honors), Cambridge University
M.A., M.L.S., University of Pittsburgh
M.A., Pennsylvania State University
Th.D., Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley
Lic. Theol., CTOS

Senior Research Scholars

The Most Rev. Dr. Chrysostomos
B.A., M.A., University of California
B.A., California State University
Lic. Theol., CTOS
M.A., Ph.D., Princeton University
Archbishop of Etna
The Reverend Dr. Gregory Telepneff
B.A., Yale University
Lic. Theol., St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox
Theological Seminary
M.A., New Brunswick Theological Seminary
Th.D., Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley
Adjunct Faculty, Theology and Religious Studies
Anna Maria College

Research Associates

Hieromonk Gregory
A.A., Long Beach City College
Dip. Theol., C.T.O.S.
The Reverend Dr. James Thornton
A.A., Golden West College
Diploma, Lic. Theol., CTOS
D.Min., San Francisco Theological Seminary
Holy Trinity Eastern Orthodox Church
The Reverend George M. Mavromatis
B.A.. University of St. Louis
M.Div., Holy Cross Greek Orthodox
School of Theology
Serving Priest, Convent of St. Elizabeth
the Grand Duchess of Russia
The Reverend Mother Dr. Elizabeth
B.A., Ashland University
Lic. Theol., CTOS
D.Min., San Francisco Theological Seminary
Abbess, Convent of St. Elizabeth
the Grand Duchess of Russia


The Most Reverend Cyprian
Dr. Theol. (honoris causa), Orthodox
Theological Academy of St. Martin
Metropolitan of Oropos and Phyle
Dr. Constantine Cavarnos
Ph.D., Harvard University
President, Institute for Byzantine
and Modern Greek Studies
Dr. Augustin Ioan
Ph.D., Ion Mincu University, Ph.D. University of Bucharest
Dean of Advanced Studies, Ion Mincu University
of Architecture and Urbanism
Bucharest, Romania
† Dr. Nikolai E. Khokhlov
Ph.D., Duke University
Professor Emeritus, California State University
† John R. Rexine
Ph.D., Harvard University
Charles A. Daba Professor of the Classis Emeritus
Dean of the Humanities Division
Colgate University
Dr. Eugene Zavarin
Ph.D., University of California
Professor Emeritus, University of California
(Forest Products Laboratory, Berkeley)
Dr. Thomas Brecht
Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi
Alabama Psychiatric Services
Dr. John V. Petropoulos
D.Phil., Oxford University
Associate Professor, Greek Literature
Democritean University of Thrace
Chairman of the Board and Senior Fellow in Hellenic Civilization
Harvard University Center for Hellenic Studies, Nafplion, Greece
John R. Franklin
Juris Doctor, W.F. George School of Law, Mercer University
Former Assistant U.S. Attorney
Dr. Dimitri Kitsikis
Ph.D., University of Paris (Sorbonne)
Professor Emeritus, University of Ottawa
Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
Dr. Jeremias Norman
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Professor Emeritus, University of Washington
Dr. Deborah Sirko-Osadsa, D.A.B.M.G., F.A.C.M.G.
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Director, Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, Genzyme Genetics
Faculty, Clinical Genetics Training Program, Harvard Medical School
Faculty, Medical Genetics Residency Program, Division of Human Genetics, University of Connecticut Health Center
Dr. George T. Kosar
Ph.D., Brandeis University
Associate Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations, Tufts University
Associate, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard University
Instructor, Harvard University Extension School
Graduate Lecturer, Northeastern University
Dr. John N. Caminis
M.D., University of Athens School of Medicine
Vice President, Medical Affairs and Clinical Development
Eurand Pharmaceuticals